UK promises 'tens of thousands' artillery shells for Ukraine

The U.K. will provide Ukraine with tens of thousands more artillery shells in the coming months, British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps said on Sept. 19 after the Ukraine Defense Contact Group meeting in Ramstein, Germany.

"Today we've demonstrated the U.K.'s unwavering commitment to Ukraine and set out more military support, including pledging tens of thousands more artillery shells to enable Ukraine to defend itself," Shapps said, as cited by Reuters.

"We have also set out how the U.K. will go further in the coming months in our priority support areas, including air defense and long-range strike capabilities, and training."

The Ukraine Defense Contact Group meets regularly to coordinate the allied support for Ukraine's struggle against Russian aggression.

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin urged Kyiv's partners to "dig deep" and provide Ukraine with more air defenses.

Ukrainian leaders have stressed the importance of both air defense systems to protect the population and infrastructure against Russian airstrikes, and artillery support to counter Russian advantage in heavy guns on the battlefield.

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