UK 'super-vaccination' centre prepares to open

Ashton Gate, home to English soccer team Bristol City is one of seven vaccination centres across the country including in London, Manchester and Birmingham, preparing to open their doors in the coming weeks.

Thousands are expected to receive their vaccines at Ashton Gate, starting from next week.

Director of Primary Care for NHS England and NHS improvement Nikki Kanani said "the imperative to get the vaccines to those who are most at risk as quickly as possible means it is an incredibly complicated programme."

With a highly transmissible new variant of the virus surging across Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has shuttered the economy and is rushing out vaccines in a bid to stem the spread of the pandemic.

The government plans to vaccinate the elderly, the vulnerable and frontline workers - around 15 million people - by mid-February, to ease a new strict lockdown imposed after a spike in cases to daily records.

Video Transcript


- And the imperative to get the vaccine to those who are most at risk as quickly as possible means it is a incredibly complicated program. So making sure that we've drawing things together-- the vaccine supply, the supply of the consumables, the IT and the technology that sits behind it. It's really important-- making sure all that is really joined up