UK weather forecast: Bright but cold weekend ahead as downpours and wind clear

Zoe Tidman
Winter sun rises over fields near Morcott in Rutland: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

The UK is expected to have a mild weekend as a tumultuous week of rain and wind draws to a close.

The Met Office has said most of the country can expect dry weather with sunny spells on Saturday and Sunday.

Temperatures will remain cold, with frost potentially forming overnight into Sunday, and overnight temperatures dropping to around freezing in some parts, but the downpours and gales from the past week are expected to lay off, according to their forecast.

“For many, we are going to see a change from fairly unsettled conditions to more settled conditions,” Nicky Maxey, a Met Office spokesperson, told The Independent.

Most of the country will see weather resembling a “typical bright, cold and sunny winter”, she said.

Ms Maxey said this weekend’s weather looks set to be a “contrast to earlier in the week”, when large parts of the country saw heavy rain and lots of wind.

Parts of northwest England, Scotland and Northern Ireland are likely to see some showers on Saturday, but the rest of the UK will largely avoid rain, according to the forecast.

The Met Office has predicted temperatures will hover around 5 and 6 degrees across most of the country and fall to around freezing overnight into Saturday and Sunday.

Storm Brendan battered the UK earlier this week, bringing powerful winds and heavy rain.

A roof was blown off a building in Slough as gales faster than 50mph swept through the area, with some parts of the country experiencing speeds as high as 90mph.