UK weather: Sunshine and blue skies set to stay as temperatures reach 19C

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<p>Sunshine and clear skies look set to stay for the rest of the week</p> (AFP via Getty Images)

Sunshine and clear skies look set to stay for the rest of the week

(AFP via Getty Images)

Blue skies and spring sunshine will continue on Tuesday for most of England and Wales, while a divide in the weather will mean Scotland and Northern Ireland see a cloudier and damper middle of the week.

England and Wales will see a bright, cold start to the day with the possibility of a frost in rural areas and cooler temperatures of between 1C and 3C in the south.

Cloud cover will mean the north is slightly warmer overnight with temperatures of around 5C to 7C.

Frost and colder nighttime temperatures are due to an area of high pressure the skies clear in the south. However, these clearer skies at night allow heat to escape and therefore temperatures drop.

Meanwhile, in the north of the country, a band of low pressure will move down across Scotland and Northern Ireland, bringing with it rain and cloud cover.

This will gradually clear as the day goes on, although clouds will remain meaning it will be “pretty drab throughout,” said the Met Office’s Alex Deakin

Further south in England some patchy outbreaks of rain and some mist further east may also be seen, although for the vast majority it will be “dry and bright with sunny spells.”

Temperatures look set to reach 19C in London, with a range of between 15C and 19C expected in sunnier parts of the country. It will be cooler in Scotland and Northern Ireland with temperatures reaching a maximum of 12C.

Cloud will move south on Tuesday night with a “drab start” for much of the south of England ,while northern England will wake up to yet more blue skies as will Scotland and Northern Ireland. There could even be some showers in the far southwest of the country.

The sunshine looks set to return countrywide and hang around through the rest of the week and into the weekend, as an area of high pressure dominates the skies.

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