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UK welcomes drop in COVID-19 infections

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COVID-19 infections are going down in the UK.

Prompting some to say it’s proof that the British Prime Ministers gamble to life restrictions in England earlier this month was in fact the right decision.

Though Boris Johnson himself is urging people not to get carried away by the better infection data.

"I've noticed that obviously that we're six days into some better figures, but it is very very important that we don't allow ourselves to run away with premature conclusions about this. The step four of the opening up only took place a few days ago. People have got to remain very cautious and that remains the approach of the government."

Johnson is betting he can get one of Europe's largest economies firing again because so many people are now vaccinated.

While one of the country's top epidemiologists said the end of the pandemic could be just months away.

Imperial College epidemiologist Neil Ferguson said vaccines have dramatically reduced the risk of hospitalization and death.

Against a backdrop of criticism Johnson lifted COVID-19 restrictions in England on July 19 as cases were rising.

But they seem to have peaked two days earlier at over 54,000 and have since fallen dramatically, to over 24,000 new cases on Monday.

A few things could be helping: the closure of schools for the summer holidays, the end of the Euro 2020 soccer championships and warmer weather are among factors epidemiologists say might have reduced social mixing indoors and therefore cases.

While the number of COVID-19 patients in British hospitals has risen to 5,238, a spike in infections earlier in July has so far not led to a vast increase in deaths, which fell to 14 on Monday.

The data shows vaccines are working.