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Ukee Washington Previews ‘Assault on VA-33’

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Ukee Washington speaks with Philadelphia area writer/director/actor Gerald Webb

Video Transcript

UKEE WASHINGTON: --is not that great, a movie can be a good way to spend some time. From major studios to independent projects, there is something for just about everyone. "Assault on VA-33" features Philadelphia-area writer/director/actor Gerald Webb. And I talked to him recently about the film and how, if at all, COVID-19 may have played a role.

GERALD WEBB: And the pandemic, it's been really devastating to the film industry because we literally could not film.

UKEE WASHINGTON: But now the industry is looking to make a speedy comeback, especially in the independent film sector with movies like "Assault on VA-33."

- Now I'd like to report some suspicious activity at the VA Hospital.

- May I help you, gentlemen?

GERALD WEBB: "Assault on VA-33" is a story of a decorated Marine veteran, Jason Hill, who is suffering from PTSD. And he has to go to a Veteran Affairs hospital, which is a real issue in our world that we wanted to highlight.

- I saw multiple men with weapons. Something is going on here. People are going to die.


GERALD WEBB: We shot in December of 2019, so we wrapped two days before Christmas. So it didn't affect the shooting of that film. Now we were in post, so we had to make some creative things with working with our team remotely. So it took a little longer to get the film completed in post-production, but we were able to get it done. And we're just really excited that it's coming out now.

UKEE WASHINGTON: Webb is a producer on the film, and he also has a key role in it, playing the part of a well-decorated bargaining chip.

- I don't know what you want, but you're not going to get it.

- We'll see.

UKEE WASHINGTON: There's plenty of well choreographed action, also. And the filmmakers kick in a few one-liners for levity.

It wasn't "Die Hard," but I was getting a kind of a "Die Hard" tone. Am I right or wrong about that?

- They know you're there?

- No.

GERALD WEBB: It kind of mirrors that a little bit. If we substitute Nakatomi Plaza for a VA hospital, and you lower the budget a whole lot of money--

UKEE WASHINGTON: Right, right.

GERALD WEBB: --it still has the same kind of appeal.

UKEE WASHINGTON: And the hard-hitting independent project is available--

GERALD WEBB: On digital, On Demand right now. It's on pretty much every platform you can think of. You can watch it right at your house.


(SINGING) Yeah. It's [INAUDIBLE]. Let's go.

UKEE WASHINGTON: And just like we love to mention, it's so important to support small business. Independent films are looking for some love, as well. "Assault on VA-33," like Gerald said, is streaming right now.