Ukraine blames Russia for cyberattack as invasion threat looms

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Ukrainian military drill
Ukrainian military drill Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

Microsoft has detected dangerous malware infecting dozens of government and private Ukrainian computer networks, the tech giant warned Saturday.

According to The Associated Press, the still-unidentified hackers behind the attack also left a message warning Ukrainians to "be afraid and expect the worst."

Ukrainian officials say they have "evidence" that the attack is part of Russia's "hybrid war" against the former Soviet republic, The Guardian reported.

In an interview with CNN, a spokesperson for Russian President Vladimir Putin denied the allegations, accusing Ukrainians of "blaming everything on Russia," including the "bad weather in their country."

Russia previously launched cyberattacks against Ukraine in 2014, 2015, and 2017.

Talks between the U.S. and Russia broke down around the time of the latest attack, after Russian diplomats refused demands to withdraw troops from the Ukrainian border. Intelligence analysts have warned that Russia is preparing a "false-flag" operation to justify an invasion of Ukraine very soon.

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