Ukraine’s border guards in poor physical, psychological condition after Russian captivity

Ukraine released nine border guards from Russian captivity

It is noted Ukraine has managed to return nine border guards from captivity who courageously defended the city of Mariupol to the last. All of them have already been examined by doctors.

“Their physical and psychological condition is poor,” the report says.

“Each case confirms the conditions in which Russia keeps our prisoners of war are terrible and inhuman.”

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According to the service, the fighters are currently provided with appropriate clothing and basic necessities, as well as communication means. In addition, work is underway to restore their documents and obtain living funds for them.

The treatment and rehabilitation of the fighters is being done entirely at the expense of state-supported medical institutions.

Earlier the patronage service of the Azov Regiment reported the soldiers released from Russian captivity were in a shocking condition, with almost all 215 of them in an extreme state of emaciation due to starvation.

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Ukraine returned 215 people, including 108 defenders of the Azovstal Steelworks in Mariupol, from Russian captivity on Sept. 21, as part of a large prisoner swap with Russia.

The 215 people released from Russian captivity included military personnel from the State Border Guard Service, the National Police, Ground and Naval Forces, National Guard of Ukraine, territorial defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, State Customs Service, etc.

The prisoner swap took place in Ukraine’s Chernihiv Oblast. At the same time, five Azov commanders were sent to Turkey under personal guarantees of protection provided by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. According to the agreements, all of them will stay in Turkey until the end of the war in Ukraine.

The list of those released from Russian captivity also included 10 foreigners, with some being “sentenced” to death by a sham “court” in Russian-occupied Donbas. All of them arrived in Saudi Arabia, which acted as a mediator.

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Five commanders who were present at the Azovstal Steelworks in Mariupol were exchanged for 55 Russian prisoners of war. At the same time, Ukraine exchanged 200 of its citizens for Viktor Medvedchuk, the former leader of the Opposition Platform – For Life Party (banned in June 2022), who has been charged with treason.

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