Ukraine conducts largest prisoner swap, Kuleba goes on The Late Show, and Yovanovitch speaks out about Ukraine

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Ukraine and Russia conduct the largest prisoner swap since the start of the full-scale invasion.

215 Ukrainians were traded for 56 Russian prisoners on Sept. 21, including 108 members of the Azov Regiment. Notable figures from the Ukrainian side include five top Azov commanders, as well as ten international volunteers – many of whom had previously been sentenced to death by a “court” of the Donbas puppet authorities. Ukraine, meanwhile, sent Russia Viktor Medvedchuk – the pro-Russian politician whose daughter is Putin’s goddaughter.

Photos of the momentous event have been made available. Meanwhile, some of the Ukrainians that have been returned are survivors of the Olenivka POW camp, which was struck by a Russian false flag attack.

The EU has agreed to step up sanctions on Russia in light of its “partial mobilization.”

EU High Representative for Foreign Policy Josep Borrell said that Russia’s recent statements "showed panic and desperation,” and a result, "It's clear that Putin is trying to destroy Ukraine.” After a briefing by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, EU ministers agreed to instruct their teams to prepare an eighth package of sanctions, which will target "more relevant sectors of the Russian economy and continue targeting people responsible for the war of aggression in Ukraine.”

The International Atomic Energy Agency has begun negotiations on the creation of a safe zone around the occupied Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant.

Following a meeting between IAEA head Rafael Grossi and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, Kuleba revealed that the discussions revolved around ways to restore security at the ZNPP and stressed that Russia must withdraw its troops and specialists from the plant, and return it to Ukrainian control. Grossi also met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, presumably on the same topic. During a press briefing following the meeting, the IAEA Director General said he hoped to travel to Ukraine and Russia soon to speed up security talks, and stressed that a decision must be made as soon as possible.

A Russian strike on the Kharkiv train station destroys several refrigerated carriages carrying the bodies of killed Russian servicemembers.

The number of carriages destroyed was not specified by the Ukrainian government. However, Ukraine’s General Staff has continuously reported on efforts by the Russian military leadership to hide the scale of losses the Russian army has taken in Ukraine. According to official data from the Russian Ministry of Defense, only 6,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in Ukraine – compared to Ukraine’s claim of over 55,000 killed. Documents leaked from the Russian Federation suggest the Ukrainians number is more accurate, however.

The World Bank has invested in Ukraine for the first time since the start of the full-scale war.

The International Finance Corporation (IFC), which is part of the World Bank, has allocated $30 million for investments in Ukraine and Moldova, according to a statement released by Ukraine’s Economy Ministry. The funds will be channelled through a $200 million trust fund managed by U.S-Ukrainian investment company Horizon Capital. It is reported that the funds will be channelled through a $200 million trust fund managed by the U.S-Ukrainian investment company Horizon Capital.

Capping off his New York trip, Foreign Minister Kuleba makes an appearance as a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Commenting on Ukraine’s counter-offensive in Kharkiv Oblast, Kuleba said that it demonstrates that Ukraine knows how to win. “It proves not only to us but to the entire world that we know how to win and we will,” he said. After this, the audience gave the minister a standing ovation. In turn, Kuleba forwarded this applause to the Ukrainian people and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The day’s long-read: NV interviews former U.S. ambassador Marie Yovanovitch.

During the 17th Yalta European Strategy summit on Sept. 9-10, NV was able to catch the former ambassador, now a lecturer at the prestigious U.S. School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, for a brief chat regarding her time in Ukraine, Russia’s actions, and Donald Trump’s involvement.

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Musienko believes that Putin is deliberately stretching out the war, because his imperial obsession with Ukraine, and even the huge losses that Russia continues to suffer in the invasion are not enough to dissuade the dictator.

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