Ukraine to consider restarting electricity exports if grid stability persists

Ukraine's electricity supply has stabilized, meaning scheduled cuts may not be required, Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko said on television on Feb. 25.

The country may even consider restarting electricity exports to Europe, which were suspended after Russia had begun attacking Ukraine's power plants and grid with waves of missile and drone strikes in October.

Halushchenko said that the national grid has gone without shortages for over two weeks now. However, Odesa Oblast is still experiencing outages due to significant infrastructure damage.

The minister added that if stable surpluses are observed, the country will consider exporting again. However, restoring electricity supply to regions with damaged networks is a bigger priority.

About half of Ukraine's entire electrical system was damaged by the frequent Russian strikes, leading to frequent emergency repairs, as well as the implementation of rationing and scheduled blackouts.

According to expert estimates, Russia's attacks on infrastructure used up its missile stockpiles much faster than it is able to replenish them by building more.