Ukraine forms maritime drone brigade

Ukraine forms maritime drone brigade

The Ukrainian Navy has unveiled a new naval drone brigade as part of its operational structure, during the presentation of state awards on Ukraine’s Independence Day on Aug. 24.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy presented a combat banner to the newly formed 385th Separate Brigade within Ukraine’s Naval Forces at Sofia Square in Kyiv, according to the official website of the President’s Office.

The existence of this unit had not been previously disclosed. Its formation marks the first time in Ukraine where a separate brigade specializing in the deployment of maritime drones has been formed within the Navy.

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In recent weeks, Ukraine has escalated the use of maritime drones in attacks on targets within the Russian Federation’s occupied waters in the Black Sea. These operations were a collaborative effort between Ukraine’s SBU security service and the Naval Forces.

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Notably, on Aug. 4, Ukrainian maritime drones targeted the city of Novorossiysk in Russia’s Krasnodar Krai, causing significant damage to the Russian landing ship Olenegorsky Gornyak. Ukraine’s SBU stated that their drone, carrying 450 kilograms of explosives, struck the Russian vessel.

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During the same evening, a maritime drone attacked the Russian tanker Sig near the Crimean Bridge, while it was transporting fuel for Russian military forces. Ukraine’s SBU once again confirmed their involvement in the special operation.

On Aug. 4, Ukraine issued a warning about potential military threats in the waters of the Black Sea ports belonging to Russia.

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