Ukraine’s intelligence agency calls for a no fly zone in response to Russia's threats to attack US embassy in Kyiv

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US Embassy building in Kyiv
US Embassy building in Kyiv

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HUR pointed out that on June 23, Russian MP Yuri Shvytkin explicitly called for such a strike, in “retaliation” for the U.S. supplying Ukraine with modern Western weapons.

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"The justification for such a step, from the point of view of the Russian MP, may be the supply of the latest Western weapons to Ukraine,” a HUR spokesperson wrote.

“In particular, HIMARS multiple rocket launchers.”

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The agency stressed that this threat is aimed at both the United States and all civilized countries that support Ukraine.

"So, it once again raises the issue of the need to close the skies over Kyiv and the whole of Ukraine," HUR concludes.

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The call for an enforced no fly zone over Ukrainian airspace was started by the Ukrainian government in the early days of the war, due to Russia’s ability to launch missile strikes against nearly any target on Ukrainian soil. However, Ukraine’s air defense capabilities have so far been able to prevent Russia from asserting air superiority over Ukraine.

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