Ukraine’s military hit Russian warehouse in occupied Ilovaisk

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The Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the Russian rear in the occupied territories
The Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the Russian rear in the occupied territories

Explosions in Ilovaisk were also reported by journalist Denis Kazanskyi.

“At night in Ilovaisk, as a sign of goodwill, yet another Russian military warehouse of ‘saltpeter’ was demilitarized near the railway station,” Kazanskyi said sarcastically in a report.

Russian propaganda media have accused Ukrainian artillery of targeting fertilizer warehouses. In fact, Ukraine has been conducting a campaign of systematically destroying Russian ammunition depots.

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“The explosions were so powerful that windows were shattered in nearby buildings,” Kazanskyi said.

“Eyewitnesses report that scattered shell bits were lying on the streets. The fire continues. The route from the city is closed.”

In addition, a railway station was hit in the village of Brylivka, in the Russian-occupied part of Kherson Oblast, the adviser to the head of the Kherson regional military administration Serhiy Khlan reported on Facebook.

“One of the important logistic hubs of Russian invading forces was destroyed – the railway station in Brylivka,” Khlan said.

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“The Russians brought equipment and ammunition there and now everything has been burned. Some didn't even get unloaded. People report loud explosions and detonations. The oil depot was probably also hit. Many Russian troops were left without arms and legs.”

Brylivka is located about 50 kilometers to the south-east of the city of Kherson.

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