Ukraine MP: "There is no peace end to this war...only a military end.”

When millions of people fled Ukraine to avoid the Russian invasion last year, Ukrainian Parliament Member, Inna Sovsun, stayed behind to fight for her country. Today, she remains in Ukraine working to help the resistance. On Saturday, U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris announced that America has uncovered evidence of Russian war crimes in Ukraine. The announcement at this year’s Munich Security Conference has “symbolic importance” says MP Sovsun. “This has been big news. In Ukraine, everybody is talking about that.” Still, Ukrainian lawmakers want the global community to do more than offer symbolic gestures. “We are also expecting for some legal ramifications to that. We are calling for an international tribunal to be established to discuss these crimes and also to have some verdicts, because we want people to be punished for what they have done here in Ukraine and what they continue to do every day...We cannot make a deal with Putin...As long as you cannot guarantee that Putin will hold his end of the deal, any peace talks are useless...That is what the world needs to remember — that unfortunately for all of us, there is no peace end to this war. There is only a military end to this war.”