Ukraine needs guarantees from at least two nuclear powers before NATO membership, former minister says

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NATO Headquarters in Brussels
NATO Headquarters in Brussels

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“I don’t think we need to reinvent the wheel, looking for some multi-layered or multi-level structures,” said Ohryzko.

“The United States and UK could provide guarantees as two nuclear powers. If France joins in, that's great. That is enough... And during this period, while the process of (NATO) admission is ongoing, Ukraine will be under the nuclear umbrella of these two or three countries.”

The former minister added that Russia’s full-scale invasion has clearly shown that NATO membership remains the best guarantee of national security.

On May 15, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged NATO to finally make a "positive political decision" on Ukraine's membership.

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated on May 9 that all allies agree that NATO’s doors remain open for Ukraine, but he couldn’t provide a timeline for its accession.

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During a meeting with Stoltenberg in Kyiv on April 20, Zelenskyy emphasized that there are no barriers to political decisions regarding Ukraine’s membership.

Stoltenberg affirmed that all countries agree on Kyiv’s future inclusion, but the current focus is on Ukraine’s ongoing conflict with Russia.

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The NATO secretary general also invited the Ukrainian president to the upcoming NATO summit in Vilnius on July 11-12.

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