Ukraine’s parliament declares Russia’s membership of UN illegitimate

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According to the lawmaker, 314 MPs backed the relevant resolution.

The statement stipulates that through its actions, Russia abuses its rights as a permanent member of the UN Security Council and violates international legal documents, including the UN Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Budapest Memorandum, and more.

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“The actions of the Russian Federation constitute an unacceptable and outrageous violation of the UN Charter on an unprecedented scale, in particular the principle of non-use of force or the threat of force, including nuclear weapons, against the territorial integrity or political independence of other states, the principle of peaceful settlement of disputes and the principle of sovereign equality of states,” the Ukrainian parliament resolution reads.

It also noted that Russia’s authority to veto the UN Security Council’s resolution directly contradicts the fundamental principle of the law “no one is a judge of his own case,” as well as making it impossible for the UN Security Council to fulfil its “main responsibility for maintaining peace and security,” as assigned to it by the UN Charter.

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The UN General Assembly on Nov. 14 voted for a resolution calling for Russia to pay reparations for the damage its invasion of Ukraine had inflicted on the country.

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