Ukraine rejects Chinese calls for immediate ceasefire

Mykhailo Podolyak
Mykhailo Podolyak
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Podolyak made the statement in response to China’s Special Envoy Li Hui reportedly trying to persuade Kyiv’s allies to push for an immediate ceasefire in the Russia-Ukraine war, which would leave much of Ukraine’s south-east under Russian occupation and control.

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"Any 'compromise scenario' that does not involves liberating all territories of Ukraine and about which 'anonymous sources' in European and U.S. elites occasionally talk about, is tantamount to recognizing the defeat of democracy, Russia's victory, and the preservation of Putin's regime," the official said.

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According to Podolyak, a compromise like that would lead to spike in armed conflicts, globally.

“And that is Russia's pipe dream,” he emphasized.

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On May 26, the Wall Street Journal reported that China's special representative Li Hui, who is charged with trying to mediate the conflict, during his visit to Europe called for a ceasefire without Russian troop withdrawal, which would hand Moscow control over nearly a fifth of Ukrainian lands.

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