Ukraine returns non-working air defence system to ally – Zelenskyy

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One of the European countries supplied Ukraine with an air defence system which did not work; it was being replaced "again and again."

Source: President Zelenskyy in an interview for the AP media outlet

Details: Zelenskyy stated that Ukraine’s European partner state has supplied it with an air defence system, which did not function properly so it was "replaced over and over again."

Zelenskyy did not name the country.

The President also stressed that Ukraine does not "actually" have the Patriot air defence systems which the US agreed to supply it with, i.e. they have not been deployed.

Ukraine needs at least 20 batteries of the Patriot air defence systems for protection against the Russian missiles. Even this number may not be sufficient since "not a single country in the world was attacked with such a number of ballistic missiles."

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