Ukraine and Russia trade Twitter barbs, including a ‘Simpsons’ GIF

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In an odd development in the fast-paced world of digital diplomacy, Ukraine took a swipe at Russia using its verified Twitter feed, and ended the exchange with GIF taken from “The Simpsons.”

At a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin referred to Anna Yaroslavna — a Kiev-born princess who went on to become queen of France in the 11th century — as “Russian Anne” and not Anne of Kiev, as she is historically known.

“When @Russia says Anne de Kiev established Russia-France relations, let us remind the sequence of events,” Ukraine tweeted, attaching a slide noting that the Reims Gospel, used by French royals during coronation ceremonies, was borrowed from the library of her father, Kiev’s grand prince — and how, at that time, Moscow was, well, undeveloped.

Russia responded with a tweet saying, “We are proud of our common history. [Russia], [Ukraine] & [Belarus] share the same historical heritage which should unite our nations, not divide us.”

That prompted the “Simpsons” mic drop.

“You really don’t change, do you?” Ukraine wrote above the clip, which showed a Russian official laughing as a name plate in front of him flips from “Russia” to “Soviet Union.”

The Soviet Union controlled Ukraine, Belarus and a number of other countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia that broke away from the Kremlin in 1991.

The tweet-à-tête comes a little more than three years after Russia’s annexation of Crimea, which was part of Ukraine — a move condemned by world leaders and declared invalid by the United Nations. The Kremlin has also backed separatists in Eastern Ukraine, and taken other steps that have startled former Soviet states.

Still, the “Simpsons” GIF wasn’t the only notable international relations trolling to capture Twitter’s attention on Tuesday.

The prime ministers of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden recreated the photo of President Trump and Saudi Arabian princes posing with an orb — using a soccer ball.

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