Ukraine scraps conscription for compulsory military service in wartime

Draft commissions during martial law will organize medical examinations of persons who are on military registration

The bill, No. 8109, on the specifics of conscription for military service and the operation of conscription commissions, was backed by 318 lawmakers.

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According to the new law, from now on, during the martial law:

there is no conscription for military service;

conscription commissions are to be established for considering if persons on military registration fit for military service for health and other reasons:

  • (they shall) conduct medical examinations of individuals who have reached the age of 27 and are in the military register of conscripts, registering them for or removing them from the military register;

  • (they shall decide to) send/not to send conscripts planning to get enrolled in higher military educational institutions or military educational units of higher education institutions for preparing for entrance exams and passing them.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy earlier canceled the autumn conscription and postponed the planned demobilization.

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"The decision on additional mobilization will be taken by the General Staff," Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said. According to him, "There are certain steps, including those related to the formation of the reserves, their preparation."

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