Ukraine’s Security Council confiscates Ukrainian assets owned by Russia’s Sberbank and VEB

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A tractor working the fields was hit by a Russian airstrike
A tractor working the fields was hit by a Russian airstrike

According to law enforcement, a Russian pilot fired a missile at the machine, located in the village of Novyi Merchyk, at about 1045, causing the tractor to burn down.

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The case is now being looked into by the local police and prosecutor, who have opened proceedings under Ukraine’s war crimes law.

The operational investigative group of the local police and the prosecutor arrived at the crime scene.

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According to Ukrainian law enforcement, during the 78 days of the full-scale Russian war against Ukraine, Russians have killed at least 661 civilians in the Kharkiv Oblast, including 29 children.

Ukrainian tractors have become a symbol of Ukrainian resistance. Farmers from all over Ukraine aided the Ukrainian army to seize and transport Russian military vehicles in the early days of the war.

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