Ukraine simplifies obtaining combat veteran status

The Ukrainian government reduced the number of documents one needs to apply for combat veteran status, official government representative in parliament Taras Melnychuk reported on Aug. 22.

From now on, it’s enough to submit only one document proving direct participation in hostilities to qualify for the status, according to Melnychuk.

Previously, the list of documents that could confirm one’s combat veteran eligibility included copies of combat reports and orders, logs of combat operations, and investigation reports on injuries, among others.

Such status gives veterans a number of benefits, including free medicines and treatment, discounts on rent and utility bills, free travel on public transport, free housing from the state in case of a service-related disability, etc.

On the same day, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said that around a million Ukrainians have become combat veterans since the Russian invasion of Donbas in 2014.

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Speaking at the VI International Veterans Forum in Kyiv, Reznikov added that the veterans are concerned about obtaining the corresponding status, passing the military medical examination, and receiving compensation for injuries.

“We are working on all these issues, and there will be changes. Now the processes are already quickly digitized, there will be significantly fewer papers, queues, etc.”

Dutch Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren also spoke at the forum, pledging to continue supporting Ukrainian soldiers and veterans.

According to Ollongren, the Netherlands and other allies are working to expand medical rehabilitation capacities in Ukraine, sharing their experience with Ukrainian specialists in the field.

“When we set up this system, we will have a whole network of medical centers in Ukraine based on regional centers for veterans with the best possible care,” she added.

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