Ukraine, together with its allies, develops Joint Declaration on Ukrainian Air Shield

Ukraine, together with its allies, has started developing a Joint Declaration on Ukrainian Air Shield.

Source: Address of Andrii Yermak, the Head of President's Office, at Halifax International Security Forum, the text of which is published on the president's website

Quote: "As Russian attacks on Ukrainian cities and critical infrastructure facilities are going to continue, Ukraine desperately needs an effective missile defence system. Very quick, before the onset of winter!

Effective protection of our sky is an important component of our security guarantee. That's why Ukraine, together with its closest allies, started the development of the Joint Declaration on the Ukrainian Air Shield.

We aim at building a complex multi-level system of anti-aircraft and anti-missile defence systems. It will contribute to the entire European air security."

Details: Yermak has noted that the Kyiv Security Compact concept that was developed together with Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the NATO ex-Secretary General, should be a joint document on strategic partnership that unites Ukraine and the guarantor states.

"Security guarantees – not assurances, but guarantees – must come from a core group of Ukraine’s allies with significant military capabilities. They should be prepared to give both politically and legally binding commitments. Alongside the commitments of military support, a broader group of international partners should back a set of non-military guarantees based on sanctions. We must ensure that the cost of an aggression is too high for Russia to bear. Helping Ukraine defend, survive, and prevail is an investment in a safer future for the whole world." noted Yermak.

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