Ukraine, two NATO countries in joint production of 120mm mortar shells

Ukrainian Defense Forces are already receiving thousands of new mortar rounds

In collaboration with two unspecified NATO members, Ukraine has established robust production of 120mm mortar shells, defense contractor Ukrainian Armor said in a Facebook post on Aug. 22.

According to the Ukrainian company, the nation’s defenders have already started receiving thousands of these newly-made shells. 120mm mortar rounds are one of the most common types of munitions used by the Ukrainian army, known for effectively incapacitating enemy forces, dismantling shelters, and dominating enemy fire positions. Such ordnance aids Ukraine’s Armed Forces in inching closer to victory.

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The company emphasized that these are modern manufactured mortar shells, consistent with NATO standards.

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“International cooperation and distributed production capacity enabled our company to increase monthly production volumes of these munitions,” the message said.

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In March, state-owned Ukrainian defense conglomerate UkrOboronProm reported that it began producing 122mm artillery shells. UkrOboronProm has also scaled up the production of fragmentation mines, using industrial facilities in one of the NATO countries.

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