Ukraine urges Russian troops to study rules of surrender

Russian military do not know the rules of surrender of Ukrainian Armed Forces
Russian military do not know the rules of surrender of Ukrainian Armed Forces

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The message noted that recently there have been more cases of mass surrender of Russian troops, which "brings nothing but joy to the Armed Forces of Ukraine", since it saves Ukraine ammunition and effort, while also protecting the lives of Russians.

The Strategic Communications Center (StartCom) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine notes that some surrendering Russian soldiers are completely unaware of the rules of war.

The message also suggested that being a prisoner of war means that one no longer wants or can able to participate in hostilities.

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“If, under cover of surrender, fire is opened on the Ukrainian military — in other words, surrender is feigned, then it’s a violation of the Additional Protocol 1 to the Geneva Convention,” – StratCom said.

“This is classified as perfidy and a war crime, which creates a threat to the security of the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It’s usually followed by the elimination of (enemy combatants feigning surrender).”

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StratCom further outlined key elements of a surrender procedure: to clearly show the desire to surrender – raise your hands up and clearly say "I surrender." Also, a soldier willing to surrender avoid making hostile actions, holding a weapon in their hands, and must make sure not to make any sudden movements.

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“Commanders of the invading Russian forces: voluntary surrender is a chance for you and your subordinates to stay alive,” the message adds.

“Many have already used this opportunity. Ukraine respects international law, strictly follows the provisions of the Geneva Convention on the Treatment of Prisoners of War, and guarantees their (surrendered enemy troops) right to life and dignity. To make sure we can guarantee your safety during the surrender, make sure your troops learn and follow these step-by-step instructions.”

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