Ukraine warns that hacked software can be infected with Russian viruses

Ukraine's Special Communications Service warned on March 19 that Russian hackers share hacked software online to get access to the data of Ukrainian users and Ukrainian companies and state agencies.

The warning concerns the software that has been hacked to work without a paid license, usually found on torrent sites. According to the Special Communications Service, Russian hackers have been infecting such software with trojan viruses that allow them to get access to the computers of anyone who installs it. The warning adds that the data would then be accessed by the Russian special services.

Cyber attacks have been a part of Russia war against Ukraine since 2014.

The National Security and Defense Council warned on Feb. 10 that the number of Russian cyberattacks on Ukraine has almost tripled compared to 2021, targeting logistics, military facilities, government databases, and information resources.

More than 2,000 cyberattacks were aimed at Ukrainian organizations in 2022, according to data from Ukraine’s Computer Emergency Response Team provided to Politico.

While more than 300 attacks were against the security and defense sector, over 400 targeted organizations in the commercial, energy, financial, telecommunications, and software sectors, Politico reported.