Ukraine welcomes home 32 prisoners and recovers the body of a fallen Israeli citizen


Ukraine has managed to carry out another POW exchange, securing the release of 32 soldiers, and to recover the body of Israeli citizen Dmytro Fialka.

Source: Andrii Yermak, the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine; Dmytro Lubinets, Human Rights Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament)

Quote from Yermak: "Our people are home. Another prisoner exchange was held today. We have managed to free 32 of our soldiers and recover the body of Israeli citizen Dmytro Fialka.

Among those released are officers, sergeants and soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.  All of them were in areas of fierce fighting. Many of these people were believed missing.

Each captive has his own story. Some of them are heartbreaking."


Details: On 11 October, Ukraine succeeded in securing the release of 32 Ukrainian defenders from areas where fierce fighting took place. Three of them are officers, 28 are soldiers, and one is a marine, reported Dmytro Lubinets.

The released prisoners are from the 72th, 24th and 58th Separate Mechanised Brigades, 26th Separate Artillery Brigade, 36th Separate Marine Brigade, 10th Separate Mountain Assault Brigade and 109th Separate Mountain Assault Battalion.

Quote from Lubinets: "At the moment, all the guys are in their native land and are currently undergoing medical check-ups; they will see their loved ones soon."


Details: The fallen Israeli citizen, Dmytro Fialka, had lived in Ukraine for the past two years. He worked as a children's football coach at the Dynamo club in Lviv, where he met the love of his life – the young woman who was the mother of his children.

Dmytro Fialka fought for Ukraine. He volunteered to go to the front.

Yermak told the story of a discharged private who had served together with his older brother. His brother was killed in front of him, and he was captured on the same day.

The freed heroes are finally home.

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