Ukraine's 110th brigade unable to hold Avdiivka, but reinforcements are arriving

Avdiivka. Stock photo: Getty Images
Avdiivka. Stock photo: Getty Images

Some units of the 110th Separate Mechanised Brigade in Avdiivka have been replaced by other units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Source: Ivan Sekach, Chief of Public Relations of the 110th Separate Mechanised Brigade named after Marko Bezruchko, in an interview with Radio Liberty on 13 February

Quote: "We lack sufficient capabilities to maintain control of the city, but reinforcements are arriving, and we rely on friendly units. For the first time in almost two years of the 110th Separate Mechanised Brigade's operation, some of our units have been fully withdrawn from combat for rest and rotation. Indeed, reinforcements have come. I won't specify [which] unit, but it provides substantial support. We feel a bit more at ease since its arrival."

Details: Sekach stated that battles for the city and its outskirts are ongoing in Avdiivka. Russian forces are attempting to cut off Ukraine’s supply lines, and they have the upper hand in strength. The spokesperson said that the Russians are trying to capture Avdiivka before the presidential elections in Russia, scheduled for March of this year. To achieve this, they are employing all possible means.

Quote: "They have air superiority, meaning we cannot preempt air raids or bombings of the city or our positions. They have a massive contingent of personnel that they [view as relatively expendable], and are constantly experimenting with different groups and utilising armoured vehicles. They have a mission, and they are trying to accomplish it by any means necessary."

Background: The Russians intensified their activity near Avdiivka over four months ago, in October 2023. The positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the city itself are under attack by a large number of tanks and other armoured vehicles, supported by aircraft and artillery. The Russian army continues its attempts to capture the city, according to the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, who is reporting a high intensity of Russian attacks on the Avdiivka front.

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