Ukraine's 2030 World Cup bid boosts morale in Kyiv

STORY: They said the decision, announced at a news conference at the Swiss headquarters of UEFA, had the full support of European soccer's governing body and also of the Spanish, Portuguese and Ukrainian governments.

Pavelko called it a "historic application", adding that "we are absolutely sure that for the first time in the history, we can use football as a tool to finish the war and to end the fight against darkness.”

Near the Olimpiskiy Stadium in Kyiv, Ukrainians were enthusiastic about the news of their country's joint bid.

“I hope it will be a post-war time when Ukraine will actively rebuild itself. And it will be cool. Everyone’s welcome to come!” Kyiv resident Yuliia Artamoshchenko told Reuters.

Sergiy Babenko, a cook, thinks Ukraine should get the right to host the tournament.

“By 2030 we will finish off all the fighting, give the Russians a good beating. A lot of guests will be here which helped us during the war,” said Babenko.

The Spain, Portugal and Ukraine bid for the 2030 tournament will compete against other candidacies such as a collaboration between Egypt, Greece and Saudi Arabia, and a joint South American proposal from Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Chile.

Luis Rubiales, president of the RFEF, said the details of integrating Ukraine into the Spanish-Portuguese bid would be hammered out in coming months.