Ukraine's Armed Forces will be able to train 500,000 mobilised troops – officer

Photo collage with Viktor Nikoliuk's photo: Radio Svoboda
Photo collage with Viktor Nikoliuk's photo: Radio Svoboda

Ukraine has the ability to train any number of personnel determined by the new law on mobilisation, which may be adopted soon.

Source: Major General Viktor Nikoliuk, Commander of the Training Department at Ground Forces Command, in an interview with the Radio Liberty project Donbas.Realii

Quote: "500,000, 100,000, 200,000 – whatever the law on mobilisation will determine, we are ready.

Today, for example, we are constantly conducting relevant activities and holding meetings to clarify the actual capabilities of all training centres and the actual conditions of the instructor staff because many of them are  involved in combat missions.

But as of today, we are able to train any number of personnel."

Details: Nikoliuk said that as of now, 20% of the military have been trained abroad, while the rest have been trained in Ukraine.

The major general added that Ukraine is "several years ahead of those who train it" in terms of combat experience.

"Of course, we are sharing this experience, but it should be borne in mind that it does not stand still. Any war is changing, and these subtleties must be taken into account," said Nikoliuk.

Answering the question of which specialists are most in demand in the army now, the major general replied that it’s infantry.

"This is the infantry that pushes forward, that attacks, that entrenches itself in a trench, that holds positions, that enters enemy positions, that repels the enemy. The most massive training in the Ground Forces is that of an infantryman. Without belittling their role, drone operators, tankers, artillerymen, mortar men, and everyone else is very important. But today, it is the infantry," he said.


  • On 25 December, it became known that the Cabinet of Ministers had submitted the draft law No. 10378 "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Improving Certain Issues of Mobilisation, Military Registration and Military Service" for consideration by the Parliament. The document regulates issues related to the postponement of military service, including for people with disabilities.

  • On 11 January, the government decided to withdraw the first draft law on mobilisation and immediately prepare a new one, as MPs were not ready to support many of the proposals.

  • Several MPs from different political forces told Ukrainska Pravda that the parliament expected to see a new version of the draft law on improving mobilisation around 6 February, and on 16 January, lawyers from the Ministry of Defence submitted their draft to the heads of factions for review.

  • On 19 December, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that the military had proposed mobilising an additional 450-500,000 people but that this issue was being finalised.

  • In January, Zelenskyy stated that as yet, he does not see the necessity for the General Staff to mobilise 500,000 Ukrainians.

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