Ukraines border guards attack stronghold and push back Russian forces near Bakhmut

Recently, Ukrainian border guards conducted a counterattack and improved their tactical position near Bakhmut.

Source: State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

Details: Reportedly, Bakhmut is firmly defended by the Defence Forces, which include units of the State Border Service. If possible, Ukrainian servicemen also capture Russian forces’ positions.

Quote: "Yes, recently, the servicemen of the Luhansk border detachment carried out effective counterattacks near Bakhmut. The border guards, in several groups, attacked the occupiers' stronghold from the flanks. With a sudden attack, a unit of the occupying forces has been pushed back.

During the night, the Russian invaders tried to regain the lost border, but every time they received fire damage from the Ukrainian border guards and escaped. In total, in close combat, our soldiers killed 18 and wounded 24 invaders."


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