Ukraines Commander-in-Chief says Ukrainians are gradually liberating their land, although gaining victory is difficult

Valerii Zaluzhnyi, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stated that despite enormous pressure in the face of Russian aggression, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are holding on, regrouping, building up reserves, strengthening defences and gradually liberating their homeland.

Source: Zaluzhnyi on Facebook

Quote: "We are fighting a war against a country 28 times larger than our state, whose population is four times larger than ours, whose military strength is many times greater than our capabilities."

Details: Zaluzhnyi explained that the war is taking place these days in the air, on sea, in cyberspace and beyond.

He reminded everyone that in just one day Russian occupying forces launched all of these attacks at Ukrainian civilian targets: 55 Kh-101 cruise missiles and one Kh-59 guided air-to-surface missile, 22 S-300 anti-aircraft missiles, 4 Shahed-136 UAVs and one Lancet 3 UAV.

"Gaining victory is very difficult for us. But it will definitely happen," Zaluzhnyi emphasised.

Previously: On 29 October, Zaluzhnyi stated that the Russians were not achieving success on the battlefield, despite their absolute arms superiority and the recent increase in the number of their troops.

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