Ukraine's counteroffensive will be very impressive – US General

David Petraeus, the American General and former CIA Director, is convinced that the Ukrainian counter-offensive will be very impressive, and that the Ukrainian defence forces will "achieve combined arms effects".

Source: The Guardian

Quote: "I think that this counteroffensive [Ukrainian – ed.] is going to be very impressive. My sense is that they will achieve combined arms effects in other words, they will successfully carry out combined arms operations where you have engineers that are breaching the obstacles and diffusing the minefields and so forth; armour following right on through protected by infantry against anti-tank missiles; air defence keeping the Russians aircraft off them; electronic warfare jamming their radio networks; logistics right up behind them; artillery and mortars right out in front of them."

Details: Petraeus has added that Ukrainian defenders "intend to liberate their country".

Background: President Volodymyr Zelenskyy assured that Ukraine is now ready for a counter-offensive.

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