Ukraine's defence forces on Kinburn Spit special operation: Very difficult work

A special military operation on the Kinburn Spit in Mykolaiv Oblast continues.

Source: Natalia Humeniuk, Head of the joint press centre for Operational Command Pivden (South), during the 24/7 national joint newscast on 28 November

Quote from Humeniuk: "What’s happening there is the same as what’s happening in the rest of the country: war. Hostilities are taking place there, and this is very difficult work, in particular because of the weather conditions (storms, strong wind), the geographic location, and the suggestions that Mykolaiv Oblast should become part of the ‘grain corridor’.

This wide range of factors has to be taken into account; we have to wait for an official report from the General Staff as they are the only ones who can report on the actual state of affairs and when we might have a reason to rejoice."


  • On 14 November, Natalia Humeniuk said, in relation to the Kinburn Spit: "It is currently a hotspot of hostilities; we have to keep quiet about it now, so that we have something to talk about later."

  • On 11 November, Vitalii Kim, Head of Mykolaiv Oblast Military Administration, said that most of the oblast, apart from the Kinburn Spit, has been liberated from Russian occupation forces.

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