Ukraine's Defence Ministry says France will be able to provide Ukraine with 3,000 155mm projectiles per month

Stock photo: ArmyInform
Stock photo: ArmyInform

France will be able to provide the Ukrainian army with 3,000 155-mm calibre projectiles per month.

Source: Lieutenant General Ivan Havryliuk, Ukraine's Deputy Minister of Defence, who headed the Ukrainian delegation during the first meeting of the Artillery Coalition in Paris, said this in an interview with NV, European Pravda reports.

Details: He said that a very substantive conversation with partners took place in Paris (the opening of the Artillery Coalition was attended by representatives of 22 countries - ed.)

Quote: "Representatives of the Ukrainian delegation made a well-reasoned case based on the objective picture in the combat zone and possible scenarios for the development of the situation, and voiced the needs of our troops. Additionally, given the threats in the future, they talked about military-technical cooperation and long-term support for our troops," Havryliuk explained.

In particular, they discussed the provision of artillery, projectiles, and spare parts for artillery systems or their production in Ukraine, improving the intelligence and fire control system of artillery units, and organising the repair of artillery weapons.

Quote: "During the first meeting of the Artillery Coalition, important statements were made by our partners regarding further military support for Ukraine," said the Deputy Minister.

He noted that official Paris has once again demonstrated the sustainability of its support for Ukraine. France plans to produce 78 Caesar howitzers for Ukraine, six of which will be delivered in the near future.

Quote: "Regarding 155mm projectiles for French artillery systems, Sébastien Lecornu, French Armed Forces Minister, said that France will be able to provide the Ukrainian army with 3,000 projectiles per month," Havryliuk said.

Lecornu also said earlier that the delivery of about forty additional SCALP cruise missiles promised by President Emmanuel Macron to Ukraine would begin soon and would last for a year, according to a schedule that he did not specify.

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