Ukraine's Foreign Minister denies that Chinese envoy called on European countries to recognise Ukrainian territories as belonging to Russian

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Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has denied the information posted by the media that Chinese Ambassador Li Hui, as part of his European tour to promote the "resolution" of Russia's war against Ukraine, offered to call for an immediate cease-fire by way of recognising the Russian occupation of Ukraine territory.

Source: Kuleda during his video address published on Facebook, as reported by European Pravda

Details: The Ukrainian Foreign Minister noted that after this information appeared, he contacted his European colleagues from the capitals which Li Hui visited, and none of them confirmed it.

Quote: "None of them confirm that there have been announcements or talks about recognising the territories on which the Russian Federation is currently present in Ukraine as Russian. I urge you to keep a cool head, rationality, and not to react emotionally to every publication. We control the process, no one will do anything against us behind Ukraine's back," the minister emphasised.

He added that Ukraine will continue to conduct talks with China, but "it will be conducted in accordance with three basic principles": mutual respect for territorial integrity, Ukraine will not consider any proposals that involve territorial concessions, no frozen conflict.


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