Ukraines National Guard destroy Russian special forces group in Kharkiv Oblast

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Aerial reconnaissance and artillery units of the National Guard of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Armed Forces, supported by tanks, destroyed a subversion and reconnaissance group of Russian special forces and a Russian ammunition point in the north of Kharkiv Oblast.

Source: Eastern operational-territorial group of the National Guard of Ukraine on YouTube

Details: The date when the effective co-operation between the different units of the Ukrainian Defence Forces has enabled them to achieve these results has not been disclosed.

The National Guard reports that its scouts were able to establish the location of a Russian unit and to observe the unloading of artillery ammunition at the site. The Guards shared the coordinates of the site with artillery units, and helped them to adjust fire.

Quote: "A UAV camera captured the remarkable results of the ‘act of goodwill’ of uninvited guests from Nazi Russia.

Meanwhile, a carefully concealed [Russian] artillery ammunition point was ‘demilitarised’. We will rebuild the hangar [where the Russians stored their ammunition - ed.] after the defeat of the Kremlin hordes in Ukraine."

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