Ukraine's Security Service busts "power engineer" who redirected power to Russian military

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) has detained a "power engineer" who cut off power supply to a district centre in Donetsk Oblast in order to redirect electricity to the Russian occupation "administration", military bases and ammunition storage points with Russian weapons.

Source: SSU press service

Details: According to the investigation, a resident of liberated Lyman, Donetsk Oblast, had supported Russian invaders during the temporary occupation. For his actions, he was appointed the head of the "Krasnolyman district power distribution company", which was subordinate to the so-called "Ministry of Coal and Energy", created by the Russian-backed militants in Donetsk Oblast.

While holding this position, the man "disconnected" the district centre from the power supply and redirected it to the needs of the Russian occupation groups. He also cooperated with representatives of the "oblast energy supply company" of temporarily occupied Horlivka, Donetsk Oblast, to carry out technical measures and recruit "staff".

Thus, the Russian occupiers managed to provide power supply to their occupation bodies, military bases and supply storage points full of weapons and ammunition. After the liberation of Lyman, the man tried to flee the city, but the SSU officers detained him.

He was served a notice of suspicion under Art. 111.1.4 (collaboration) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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