Ukraine's State Bureau of Investigation discovers 10 tonnes of Russian ammunition and anti-aircraft system in Kharkiv Oblast

Officers of the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) found another Russian ammo cache in the liberated territory of Kharkiv Oblast; the Russian invaders did not have time to take the ammunition with them during the retreat.

Source: Press service of the State Bureau of Investigation

Details: The invaders equipped the caches in the forest belt on the territory of the Velykyi Burlul district. In the cache, there were anti-tank grenades, various mines, grenade launchers, high-explosive fragmentation charges, boxes with cartridges of various calibres, and cluster munitions.

The total weight of the weapons found, according to the SBI, is more than 10 tonnes.

In addition, the Russians also left an anti-tank guided missile and an ZU-23 anti-aircraft gun in the forest belt.

According to operational information, the weapon belonged to the motorised rifle regiment of the 11th Army Corps of the Coastal Troops of the Russian Federation.

It is noted that all the weapons were seized by the SBI and are being prepared for transfer to one of the Armed Forces brigades.

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