Ukraine's Trade Representative urges swift response to border grain incident to avert escalation

Taras Kachka. Photo: Taras Kachka on Facebook
Taras Kachka. Photo: Taras Kachka on Facebook

Taras Kachka, Deputy Economy Minister and Trade Representative of Ukraine, believes that the Polish authorities must respond decisively to the actions of Polish farmers who spilled grain out of Ukrainian trucks to prevent further violent incidents.

Source: European Pravda

Quote: "The only thing that can save us now is to lift all blockades and guarantee the safety of Ukrainian shipments in Poland. Otherwise, tomorrow Mekler [one of the leaders of the protests by Polish farmers and carriers – ed.] and his gang will start killing Ukrainians just because they are Ukrainians," said Taras Kachka on his Facebook.

Kachka believes that the nonplussed reaction of Polish authorities to the hijacking of the Ukrainian trucks will lead to "stronger xenophobia and political violence".

"Just a month ago, Poland mourned the murder of the mayor of Gdansk due to political hatred. Now we have another escalation of violence on our common border. We stand at a crossroads – [we can either live in fear] of the violence that is destroying not only Polish-Ukrainian trade but also that in the Lublin Triangle, as the spilled grain was destined for Lithuania. Or alternatively, [take responsibility for the incident] and hash this out like adults.

And if indifference to the sabotage of Ukrainian goods in Poland persists, I won't be surprised if trucks carrying Polish cheese, or perhaps Polish products already on the shelves of Ukrainian supermarkets, end up destroyed," noted Taras Kachka.


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