Ukrainian Air Force explains what kind of systems and aircraft it needs to strengthen air defence

Ukraine needs a lot more air defence systems to protect its skies; it also needs combat aircraft with a wide choice of weaponry, such as F-15 and F-16 fighter jets. This hardware is needed for Ukraine’s military to quickly liberate the territories occupied by Russia.

Source: Yurii Ihnat, spokesman for Ukraine’s Air Force, on air during the 24/7 national joint newscast

Quote: "We need a lot [of weapons – ed.]. These systems were designed to create an updated air defence system on their basis. To date, the basis is still of Soviet design, such as Buk-M1, and S-300 [systems].

NASAMS and IRIS-T [air defence systems – ed.], which are now working very effectively on the frontline, i.e. covering the airspace, are, unfortunately, in limited quantities. There is only one IRIS-T system, and two NASAMS batteries today...

These systems are designed to replace the old weapons that we still have from the Soviet Union ... We also need to be reinforced with systems such as Patriot or SAMP-T, which, among other things, can fire on ballistic targets.

Therefore, of course, today we are dependent on Western weapons that are supplied to us. This applies to artillery systems and equipment, and tanks in particular. And, of course we need aircraft. It will be very difficult without technological aircraft, which are available in NATO countries today, a special wide range of weapons, which such aircrafts as F-15, F-16 have at their disposal...

I would very much like to have such a wide range [of weapons – ed.] in service in the Air Force, as it will allow us to make all our dreams come true quickly – in particular, the liberation of our occupied territories."

Details: Ihnat noted that the dialogue and work on various fronts that aim to obtain modern fighters, does not stop.

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