Ukrainian Air Force reports drones in several oblasts

Iranian drones. Stock Photo: Getty Images
Iranian drones. Stock Photo: Getty Images

The Ukrainian Air Force warned citizens on the evening of 16 January that unidentified and Shahed type drones were moving towards Dnipropetrovsk and Sumy oblasts.

Source: Ukrainian Air Force on Telegram

Quote: "Attention! Movement of a group of Shahed attack UAVs from Zaporizhzhia Oblast towards Dnipropetrovsk Oblast has been observed!"

Details: There are also reports that a Russian UAV of an unknown type was seen in Okhtyrka district in Sumy Oblast.

Update: At 23:24, the military reported that another group of Russian Shahed drones was moving from Kherson Oblast in a northwesterly direction.

Mykolaiv Oblast and Kirovohrad Oblast were also warned of the threat.

At 01:06, the military reported the movement of a group of Shahed drones through Kherson Oblast towards Mykolaiv Oblast.

Мапа повітряних тривог
Мапа повітряних тривог

Screenshot: Map of air-raid warnings, at 1.21

At 01:21, the movement of another group of Russian UAVs from the Black Sea in the direction of Odesa was observed.

At 02:14, the all-clear was given throughout Ukraine.

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