Ukrainian aircraft destroy Russian ammunition depots and strongholds and kill dozens of Russian soldiers

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On Saturday, 30 July, Ukrainian aircraft destroyed two Russian field ammunition depots, two company strongholds, and up to 20 armoured vehicles, and struck and killed several dozen Russian military personnel.

Source: Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on Telegram

Quote: "On 30 July, attack aircraft of the [Ukrainian] Air Force ‘repaid’ the occupiers’ ‘favour’. [Ukrainian aircraft] deployed a range of missiles and bombs at their disposal to conduct powerful airstrikes on several strategically important fronts.

Two [Russian] field ammunition depots, two company strongholds, and up to 20 armoured combat vehicles have been destroyed and dozens of orcs [Russians] have been killed."

Details: The Air Force has reported that a Ukrainian cruise missile unit shot down and destroyed a Russian Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) on Saturday 30 July.

"In addition, a combat mission was undertaken in order to shoot down the occupiers’ Su-30sm fighter jet which had been attacking our Su-25 attack aircraft. Unfortunately, the Ruscists’ [Russians’]  fighter jet could not be shot down due to the large distance. However, the execution of the combat mission by the [Ukrainian] cruise missile units has enabled our attack aircraft to successfully complete the airstrike and kill the occupying troops," the Air Force report reads.

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