Ukrainian aircraft sends 2 Russian Solntsepek thermobaric rocket launchers to hell

Valentyna Romanenko - Saturday, 21 May 2022, 23:27

Strike aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force destroyed over a dozen pieces of Russian military equipment, including 2 Solntsepek thermobaric multiple rocket launchers, on Saturday, 21 May.

[Solntsepek, or TOS-1A is a multi-barrel rocket launch system. The system is equipped with a rack of incendiary or thermobaric rockets and has high destructive capacity. The Soviets called this a "heavy flamethrower." - ed.]

Source: Air Force Command spokesman, Yurii Ihnat, on Facebook

Quote: "The Air Force’s strike aircraft successfully completed its operation on 21 May. At least 12 pieces of the aggressor’s military equipment have been destroyed, including 2 Solntsepek heavy flamethrower systems."

"The ruscists once again struck on the territory of Ukraine from the Black Sea with Kalibr cruise missiles. Air Force fighters intercepted and eliminated 2 missiles in the airspace, and the anti-aircraft missile unit eliminated another missile in Vinnytsia Oblast."

Details: According to Yurii Ihnat, the Air Defence unit of the Land Forces shot down an Orlan-10 UAV on the Eastern front.