Ukrainian Armed Forces destroy Russian ammunition point in Kherson Oblast

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WEDNESDAY, 10 AUGUST 2022, 03:24

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have destroyed a Russian ammunition point in Novoalekskiivka (Kherson Oblast) and a command and observation post of a battalion-tactical group of the 217th Guards Airborne Regiment near the village of Maksym Horkyi.

Source: Operational Command Pivden (South) on Facebook

Quote: "Following the day’s work, including the tasks carried out by rocket artillery units, the enemy’s confirmed losses comprise: 35 Ruscists and six armoured and other vehicles, including a tank and a command vehicle."

Details: Operational Command notes that the Ukrainian Armed Forces carried out seven airstrikes on the Russian forces, striking five concentrations of Russian troops, military equipment and weapons in the Bashtanka, Beryslav and Kherson districts – as well as two strong points 40 km away from Kherson.

The Russians used a UAV in an attempt to conduct aerial reconnaissance, but the Russian Orlan-10 UAV was shot down by a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile unit.

Over the course of 9 August, the Russians carried out two rocket attacks and three airstrikes on Ukrainian units in southern Ukraine. They launched five air-to-air missiles on Ukrainian Air Force aircraft, but no damage was sustained by the latter.

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