Ukrainian Armed Forces destroy Russian command post in southern Ukraine

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The Armed Forces of Ukraine have carried out strikes on several Russian command posts.

Source: Operational Command Pivden (South) on Facebook

Quote: "Over the course of the day [i.e., 10 August - ed.] the enemy has used helicopters and attack jets to conduct eight airstrikes along the contact zone in order to test our positions. [They held] firmly. [There were] no losses.

[Russian forces used] heavy 152-calibre tubed artillery to shell Halitsynove. There were no casualties or any significant damage – [the Russians] struck the area outside the village itself.

Over the course of the day [Ukrainian aircraft] conducted six airstrikes. [Ukrainian] attack aircraft carried out two strikes: on a [Russian] strong point and a concentration of enemy troops, weapons and equipment in the Beryslav district."

Details: Ukrainian bomber jets struck two Russian ammunition points and another concentration of Russian military equipment, this one being in the Bashtanka district.

Ukrainian helicopters struck a Russian strong point and a concentration of Russian troops, weapons and equipment twice.

A Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile unit has brought down a Russian Eleron-3 drone as the Russians attempted to use it to conduct aerial reconnaissance in the Mykolaiv district.

As a result of the firing missions carried out by Ukrainian rocket artillery units, Russia has lost 41 military personnel, three Msta-B howitzers and seven armoured and other vehicles [on 9 August - ed.]. Total numbers are being confirmed.

"We have carried out a strike on the command post of the 126th Separate Coastal Defence Brigade of the Russian Navy near Novokamianka. Our forces destroyed a command post of the 49th [Combined Arms] Army near Chervonyi Maiak. The observation and command post of a battalion tactical group of the 76th Airborne Assault Division in Ishchenka and an ammunition point near Barvinok have also been destroyed," Operational Command reported.

Ten Russian military ships are sheltering from a storm in the Black Sea, just off the coast of Crimea. Two Russian naval missile carriers (armed with 16 Kalibr cruise missiles) and two landing dock ships are on standby.

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