Ukrainian Armed Forces down Russian Mi-24 helicopter in Ukraines south

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THURSDAY, 22 SEPTEMBER 2022, 02:45

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have shot down a Russian Mi-24 helicopter from the ground near the village of Kostromka in Kherson Oblast.

Source: Operational Command Pivden (South) on Facebook

Quote: "Our aircraft has made 21 strikes against the enemy from the skies, and the marines have destroyed an enemy Mi-24 helicopter from the ground near Kostromka. Our vigilant units have detected and destroyed two Orlan-10 UAVs when the enemy attempted to conduct aerial reconnaissance."

Details: Confirmed losses of Russian forces in Ukraine’s south are as follows:

  • 41 military personnel

  • 4 tanks

  • 12 armoured vehicles

  • a Buk-M2/3 anti-aircraft missile system

Ukrainian Armed Forces were keeping constant surveillance of the Kakhovka Dam, being ready to fire, which stopped the Russians’ attempts to cross the dam and depart from the city of Kherson by barge.

Russian forces have deployed air defence units in Beryslav district to protect their units from air and rocket strikes. They are trying to manoeuvre their forces and equipment, strengthening their defence, and ramping up covering fire using their artillery.

Ukrainian units have completed close to 280 firing missions. Two command posts in the city of Kherson, two control posts in the villages of Novovoskresenske and Dudchany, ammunition storage points in the cities of Piatykhatky and Kherson, three concentrations of Russian troops and equipment in Dudchany and Nova Kakhovka, as well as a Zoopark radar system in the village of Krutyi Yar have been hit.

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