Ukrainian Armed Forces eliminate Russian special forces unit near Lysychansk

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SUNDAY, 24 JULY 2022, 02:01

The Armed Forces of Ukraine struck a Sakhalin-based OMON detachment near Lysychansk, killing at least 12 Russians. [OMON is a Russian Special Purpose Mobile Unit, which serves as a riot police group, or as a gendarmerie-like paramilitary force - ed.]

Source: The Strategic Communications Centre of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Telegram

Quote: "Near Lysychansk, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a Sakhalin-based OMON detachment.

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine sent a ‘gift’ to the Sakhalin-based OMON detachment, who had just arrived for their tour of duty near Lysychansk. Twelve were instantly officially ‘denazified’ and ‘demilitarised’, and the remaining members of the detachment sustained severe wounds."