Ukrainian Armed Forces kill 100 Russian soldiers in a hotel in Krasnyi Luch

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The Strategic Communications Centre reports that on the night of 23-24 July, the Ukrainian Armed Forces struck a hotel in the city of Krasnyi Luch, in Luhansk Oblast, killing 100 Russian soldiers.

Source: Strategic Communications Centre of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook

Details: The Strategic Communications Centre has reported that Ukrainian forces struck a Russian command post located in a hotel in the city of Krasnyi Luch.

According to the updated information, 100 Russian soldiers were killed in the strike. The centre predicts that this number might rise due to the injuries sustained by the surviving Russian soldiers.


Earlier: On 24 July, the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the command and observation post of the 785th separate Special Forces detachment of the National Guard of the Russian Federation, two Russian ammunition depots and a Fagot anti-tank missile system in southern Ukraine.