Ukrainian Armed Forces comment on the possibility of Iran handing over missiles to Russia

A spokesman for the Armed Forces of Ukraine has said that Russia will not be able to quickly set up production facilities to manufacture Iranian-designed drones. Commenting on the possibility that Iran might be handing over missiles to Russia, the spokesman said that "we have to prepare for any challenges."

Source: Ukrinform, quoting Yurii Ihnat, spokesman for the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Quote from Ihnat: "This depends on many factors, first of all the countries’ desire to get involved in all this [the manufacturing of drones in Russia - ed.].

Of course this will take much longer than a few weeks or even months. It’s clear that this won’t happen quickly.

Because it is possible to set up manufacturing at existing facilities, where the necessary equipment is installed already, but this still takes time. And as we know, this process might be particularly protracted in Russia, where someone might decide to make a quick buck from it."

"The war has entered a phase where more and more drones are materialising; they pose a threat which we must protect ourselves against, but we must also increase our own supply of such drones, loitering munitions which can strike the enemy beyond the frontline."

Details: Ihnat said that Russia manufactures its own drones, both attack and reconnaissance drones. He added that Iran might want to evade additional sanctions which would be imposed if it hands over the designs of its drones to Russia.

When asked whether Iran might supply missiles to Russia, the spokesman said that certain diplomatic factors might have slowed down this process, but added that Ukraine ought to be prepared for any challenges.

"Perhaps some diplomatic resources and negotiations have already begun, some countries might have a say over this. Let’s hope that the terrorist [state] will not receive these missiles, which will ease the assault somewhat. We can only hope, and in the meantime we have to prepare for any challenges."

Previously: The Washington Post has reported that Iran and Russia have agreed on a plan to assemble Iranian-designed drones on Russian soil.

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